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again. a volunteer found bryan glenn's body in a park in fairfax county this week. glen was a senior kicker at woodson high school. his friends spent a week looking for him after he disappeared. >> reporter: not far from the football field lit up with friday nightlights candles at a memorial for player bryan glenn flickered. mimi minnick was instantly drawn to it. >> the candles went out in te wind. i had a lighter in my pocket. i would want someone to do the same for my son. >> reporter: bryan glenn's death hit the community hard, especially since he's not the first woodson student to die in recent months, so young taking their pain with them. >> there's some things undefinable that we're not getting right here as a community. for this to have happened to nick, for t to have happened to another student, a sophomore, here in august of this year and now for brian. >> a former football player, bryan glenn, on his passing. >> reporter: the senior kicker's teammates and friends joined the crowd in a moment of silence for him before the kickoff. >> brian was in my english class. so it'
for his son ever since. 17-year-old bryan glenn, a senior at woodson high school. >> it's difficult. it's really tough. we don't have enough leads to help us develop an opinion on what the likely outcome is here. >> reporter: bryan was last seen here at woodson high school around 7:15 monday morning. his car was found less than 24 hours later at a park just two miles away. inside his car, police found their next big clue. a receipt from a dunkin donuts ju up the road. >> it's -- as a parent i would like to think i've got a 17- year-old son who's experimented and something went awry and he's trying to figure out how to -- how to deal with the shame and come home. i'd like to think that's the case. i'm praying that that's the case. >> reporter: he's also praying that surveillance footage from that dunkin donuts will show whether or not bryan was alone. police in fairfax county are calling the case unusual but not suspicious. detectives spent yesterday searching the area for clues and they'll be back at it again today. >> we know bryan's out there. and we want him to -- we want to know he'
combing through an area park looking for bryan glenn. karen gray houston is live where bryan may have last been seen. karen. >> reporter: police say they are going through surveillance video from this fairfax circle, dunken donuts because a receipt that was found in bryan glenn's car, was date stamped from here monday at 8:00 a.m. his parents are frantic. it's not like their son to just drop out of sight. his mother says she thinks somebody has her son. >> the park is open to the public. >> family and friends gathered in the parking lot at the park this evening to join in the police search for bryan glenn. looking here because this is where bryan's vw jetta was discovered. >> seven people on the left. >> the group got instructions, but had little to go on. just an empty box from dunken donuts that was left in the car, along with pieces of jolly rancher candy and wrappers. >> he's not a big donut eater and that was something the radio station was set on a car he wouldn't normally listen to. so we just -- we don't know right now, but there may be some indications he wasn't by himself.
at a fairfax county e remembering a missing classmate during their homecoming weekend festivities old bryan glenn mysteriously disappeared monday morning. is live with the latest. >> this homecoming weekend has for the students and faculty. to police celebrate the and its accomplishments, but many are concerned about friend, bryan glenn. >> homecoming weekend at wt school.high amid the fun and excitement -- >> he was part of our group. students have remained friend,d about their old bryan glenn, missing since monday. >> we hope he will come back. the seniors are rallying around it. family members say the active a kicker on the football team, got his brother of monday morning, saying he would find a parking space. when i got home that night, complete shock that he not come back. >> he went to dunkin donuts, and e donuts and water, and left. his car was found, but no trace the 17-year-old. >> he should be getting excited, go out tonighto d have fun with everybody else. family and friends have put posters all over the area. parents have checked bank and cellphones accounts. so far, nothing. >>
students school reacted to the disappearance of their classmate, bryan glenn. , they sayays later dunkin' donuts was the last place this teenager was seen. then, he vanished. >> this empty box was found in his abandoned brand new car wasly 24 hours after he last seen. >> we have to many customers >> captured him buying doughnuts. what happened after he left? >> the the mets were purchased after bryan glenn -- purchased onewere hour after bryan glenn dropped brother off. from footballhome practice. >> i am very frustrated. maybeat i'm coming down, they're not telling me everything. has hit the school during homecoming week. >> the teenager left his cell phone behind. police are notal this budgetat unusual. police are not ready to treat this as an adoption. they called a missing persons case. >> we do not of good, solid leads. >> no sign the teenager has used a debit or credit. . had $12 cash. was talking about how excited playing in the homecoming e.otball gam fordid it take three days the camera footage? the new manager that operate then how to security system. 22-year-old man arrested f
the body of their missing classmate was found in a nearby park. the family of bryan glenn says that they are sure it is their son. but fairfax county police have not identified the body or determined the exact cause of death. kristin fisher caught up with glenn's classmates as they arrived at school this morning. >> i don't know what to think. i don't know what else to do. all i can do is pray right now for his family. >> reporter: students at woodson high school are wearing all black today in honor of their classmate bryan glenn. the 17-year-old had been missing since last monday and hundreds of volunteers spent the last week looking for him. it was one of those volunteers that found the body deep in the woods at thaiss park. yesterday his parents released a statement saying with tremendous sadness in our hearts we learned this afternoon of our son bryan's death. this devastating news has been a great shock to our family and friends. right now this family and our community are grieving and we need to let the investigation run its course. at first fairfax county police called i
the news. >> bryan may be held against his will and can't come home. things are starting to turn around. >> minutes before a tragic discovery in the woods, mike glenn was hopeful police would put more resources into his son's disappearance because he had just gotten the run away designation removed. then, colonel mike glenn received a call he feared most and he took off running through these woods, passing the grim faces of searchers who found a body. >> did you find something? >> he's not okay. >> two of the searchers said they were sure the body was that of bryan glenn. they said they had probably walked by it several times because the body looked like one of the searchers. they said it was upright, as if standing and looking toward the ground. >> in my personal opinion, it wasn't a suicide. >> people who knew bryan said the high school senior did not seem distraught and would not have run away. >> he's a normal kid. he is not geeky. he's not in the in crowd, he's not in the out crowd, he's a normal kid that you would want to say, hi, i'm here to take emma to prom. police did co
by a hostile judge he called the lead prosecutor three-time presidential candidate william jennings bryan to the stand. demoralized by spencer tracy. when the trial was over he was the most famous lawyer in the world. '68 democratic the short of money and for retirement. he could have demanded huge fees on wall street representing rich divorce is a chicago. instead he took the case. an african-american physicians and move into a white neighborhood in detroit. it was the summer that the klan had marched down pennsylvania avenue. you might remember the photos from our history books and high-school, all of those folks in white robes walking with the capitol behind them. in detroit a mob gathered pricking the windows of the house threatening its inhabitants. he and his family and friends fired that crowd killing one man and injuring another, there were charged with murder. defending into a grueling trial that spanned seven months for a token fee raised by the naacp. he won the case but was staggered by a heart attack in the summer of 1926 and was never the same. the great theme block -- the l
. the best business show on tv is "breaking bad" an mc, starring the great serial emmy award winner, bryan cranston. you could learn from the parallels of breaking bad from a dozen books on the subject. good to great has nothing on "breaking bad." it's about a guy who wants to be the steve jobs of crystal meth, getting a better product, getting distribution, getting all in there. and i'm so happy to talk to bryan cranston. i went to see argo because i heard bryan cranston was in it. he plays cia officer jack o'donnell. welcome to "mad money." >> caller: jim, thank you so much for that introduction. that's fantastic. i saw the other night busy talking to a reporter and you caught my eye, hey, there's jim cramer. she prompted me back to a question sorry i didn't get a chance to say hello. >> i am honored you noticed me. i thought this movie, argo," very realistic. you spent time with the cia learning how to do this character best. >> well, it was interesting, because i went into langley, virginia, cia headquarters, thinking i was going to experience something completely different than i was
. he's not okay. >> two of the searchers said they were sure the body was that of bryan glenn. they probably walked by it several times because the body looked like one of the searchers. it was upright, as if standing and looking toward the ground. >> in my personal opinion, it wasn't a suicide. >> people who knew bryan said that the high school senior did not seem distraught and would not have run away. >> he is such a normal kid. he's not loud. he's not geeky. he's not in the in crowd, he's not in the out crowd, he's a normal kid you would want to say, hi, i'm here to take emma to prom. >> the boy was under tremendous pressure at home. police did conduct a search with blood hounds last week, but may not have come close to the body. >> we missed the body. we missed the body. that body that we are rei retrieving right now, it's in one of the areas we searched. >> bryan glenn was planning a trip to visit colleges next month. now his family will be planning a funeral. in fairfax, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the nats and the cardinals going head to head even as we speak. it's
is over. george pennachio has the details for us. >> with a score of 27 out of 30, sabrina bryan and louis van amstel danced. >> thank you for that miss bryan. >> thank you. >> a half point behind, gilles marini and peta murgatroyd. he dropped his drawers. joey fatone butted in. shawn johnson and derek hough came in third. >> it's a step up from last week. >> apolo ohno and miner miner were a half appoint behind with helio castroneves and chelsie hightower. >> i couldn't have been happier with his job. >> tied for fifth. that's not bad. >> the couple that would make less mistakes will be there in the end. we'll try to improve next time. >> then a three way tie for seven, emmitt smith, cheryl burke, kym johnson. >> come on. i guess that's all we can do. >> kirstie alley and maksim chmerkovskiy next to last with bristol palin and mark ballas at the bottom. bristol palin's mom liked it. >> it was a fun night. >> katherine jenkins returns to the ballroom tonight but this time she will be the musical performer. george pennachio for abc2 news. >>> another all new "dancing with the stars" all sta
that it is too hot. >> breaking news from fairfax which refers to confirm found in a wooded area is back of bryan glenn. the 17-year-old was found hours ago. the discovery was made were detectives say he parked his car and then vanished. it was in this parking lot that car wase found parked one week ago today. this afternoon, about three- down thisf a mile trail, it is where the body was found. by a volunteer who d come out to help the missing search for the teenager. >> i do not know. the community are understand how the dead of and up popular trail. he had a future ahead of them. know why he would have any enemies. thought anything happen to him. >> he seemed cool. he was funny. >> an army of volunteers came to woods near the park the day after his was found here. the volunteers found the body, leaving the family and searchers devastated. there? they livedce said week, --same spot last fairfax county police said they looked near the same spot last but did not see the body. in a statement, his parents everyonethank you to the community and around the globe who offered their love, paris, and supp
did the book being bryan, what did you argue most with justice scalia with? he's one. world's great arguers. i feel like we're just warming up. >> i love to argue. >> he's an intellectual giant, and we had no debates in this book. in the first book, we had four debates with a pro and con. in this book we had none. the biggest issue in the end, we almost had a debate about but he persuaded me not to, was whether a murderer can inherit, can a son, for example, murder his parents and move up his inheritance and still take whatever the property is from his parents, if the statute doesn't say anything about it? and we all feel that that's wrong, and i was at first of arguing that there should be an equitable exception and that we absolutely have to prevent a murderer from inheriting. what did you say in response to that? >> i said, if you're going to be serious about textualism, if the statute does not make ang an exception, it does not make an exception. and those states that hadn't made an exception amended their statutes. that's what happened. >> take a short break. when we come back,
this thing. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," singer bryan adams. i'm terrell brown in new york. this is the "cbs morning news". this morning," singer bryan adams. i'm terrell brown in new york. this is the "cbs morning news". [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. >>> in washington state a man with a bugle takes part in a nightly ritual that has gained the respect of the people in his community. he plays a simple tune that has great meaning. steve hartman takes us on the road to meet him. >> reporter: right when the sun calls it a day and starts setting on the peugeot sound, residents of this neighborhood in tacoma, washington say they start hearing music, same time, same 24 notes. a lot of people say it's the most poignant melody they've ever heard.
. >> seriously superstitious. baseball great willie maze was there as well. >>> bryan stow was also at the game. he is the giants fan that was nearly beaten to death outside of dodgers stadium. stow's relationship with the team has really grown. coming up at 4:47 how the giants are helping in his recovery. now just a reminder you can watch game three right here on ktvu channel 2 coverage game three begins at 4:30 our time tomorrow afternoon. first pitch in detroit 5:07. >>> it is 4:33 right now. oakland police report no major problems for last nights rally. >> violators will be subject to arrest and may result in this demonstration being declared an unlawful assembly. >> officers kept watch over 175 protestors who marched through downtown oakland. the group was mostly peaceful. stark contrast from a year ago. >> this is just a sledge hammer to keep everyone here who is protesting and occupying safe. >> police did make two arrests. one protestor tossed a rock that hit an officer in the chest. that officer was not hurt. a second person was arrested for obstructing an officer at a narcotics arres
vehiculo de un joven de secundaria desaparecido... bryan glenn de 17-aÑos fue visto por ultima vez el primero de octubre dejando a su hermano en la escuela secundaria woodson... autoridades no han confirmado si los restos humanos hallados en el parque pertenecen a bryan, pero tienen ropa similar a la del joven... ...integrantes de un grupo folklorico boliviano pierden la vida tras accidente en la autopista 95 en direccion hacia new jersey. silvana quiroz con los detalles desde el consulado de bolivia en washington. silvana..adelante. la policia est anoche a las once, les diremos donde puede hacer sus donativos... y en otras informaciones, continua la batalla en maryland por el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo... oponentes a la medida han iniciado anuncios televisivos con cara a las elecciones de noviembre.. estos anuncios incluyen imagenes de familias tradicionales y recalcando que el matrimonio es la union entre un hombre y una mujer... la campaÑa busca revocar la ley que permitiria a personas del mismo sexo casarse comenzando en enero del proximo aÑo... vamos a nuestra pr
>>> welcome back. you can see that there are people out and about walking. >>> thanks a lot bryan. if you just stepped outside, the rain is not all that bad, but we did want to show you that there's a heavier band coming across. >> yeah, this is capable of going way along and grabbing some big wind, so some sprong winds coming across the bay and saint mary city and the park and that next band in the pipeline will likely be able to once again produce some gusts up to 60 to 70 miles an hour. dc get ready. this is going to be moving in your direction very very shortly and looks like it is. that's the first heads up. we're showing you the rain or how much will be falling. this is anywhere in an inch an hour as the bands are moving in. so we are about one-third of the way of five inches of rainstorm total, by the time it wraps up. >> yeah, in terms of rain fall totals, we will switch over and be able to see what we're talking about here. we remain and continue to see the highest totals being out to the west of us and just crossing over to the western show here for the county and then h
they were sure the body was that of bryan glenn. they said they had probably walked by it several times because the body looked like one of the searchers. they said it was upheight, as if standing and looking toward the ground. >> my personal opinion, it wasn't a suicide. that's my personal opinion. again, i'm not speaking for the county or any other agency, but from my personal opinion, it was not a suicide. >> people who knew bryan said before the grim discovery, that the high school senior did not seem distraught and would not have run away. yet a police source said the boy was under tremendous pressure at home. police did conduct a search with blood hounds last week, but they have not come close to the body. >> it's possible that it was missed or that we didn't get far enough when we did the more thorough search. >> reporter: now bryan disappeared a week ago today. this past saturday, he was supposed to take s.a.t.'s and he was supposed to go on a trip to look at colleges this coming weekend. police have not confirmed that it's his body nor have they confirmed a cause of death.
no more 't hide no more ♪ ♪ got to be true to myself ♪ >> al: this week jay leno, bryan cranston, ben affleck, carol burnett, christina applegate. guesting on the tonight show with jay leno. >> cris: looks like jay leno driving down the highway. he loves his cars. giants again from their own 17 yard line. a nice ankle tackle up at the 20 by asomugha. eli in the fourth quarter last year, 15 td passes, 6 game-winning drives, including that spectacular one on that sunday night in dallas. this year 3 tds, no picks, they were down by more than ten in the first quarter in week two against the buccaneers. with that spectacular second half. the master of the comeback will have to do it again at second down and seven. >> cris: not happening. >> al: lots of time. reaching out and misses the catch is barden. into eagle territory and the tackle at the 47 yard line. gain of 31. >> cris: coleman, i told you, he jumps play action passes. watch this, play fake. comes up, ramses barden right over the top. you have to know some situations. you're inside of nine minutes and you're given a freebie. >> al
wasold bryan morning when he s brother off for school. later found his empty car nearby john gonzalez. is live at woodson high school john gonzalez is live at woodson high school. >> it is family said that he did bring his cellphone or debit morning, notl that that unusual, but what was found in his car was unusual. he was last seen in the parking around 7:00 monday morning. it was not until later that he did not come from football practice that is family knew something was wrong. l hours was found severa a park about a mile away. gracias somewhere and he needs us. the need to be found. >> assorted don't believe he -- authorities feel he never stepped foot in class. >> he said he was going to go spot on theng because we did not have a parking pass. >> there was an empty donut box wrappers in the car, -- things he said is family said he does not eat. station was on talk radio and he always listens to music in the car. police are carefully going surveillance video from thedunkin' donuts where purchased around 8:00 monday morning. >> thanks. 69 degrees. >> still ahead, new information 69
with a final check on the path of the massive storm kes aim at the east coast. hurricane specialist bryan norcross joins us from the weather channel headquarters. bryan, good evening. >> good evening, lester. yes, this is an absolutely unique storm, but it is taking an unprecedented path. let me show you the storm. i want to show you what is so special about it. it's a combination of a hurricane right here in the center, and a nor'easter that's this big here. it's one storm embedded inside the other. it's going to move to the north and then turn inland. we have never seen a path like that. there is nothing like that in our record book for a storm coming from the south. now here are the damaging winds. this is where tree branches come down and we start to have problems and driving around becomes a problem. here we are tomorrow morning about 9:00 affecting cape hatteras and the tide water area at that time. the strongest winds are staying offshore. here we come to the north, monday morning early. notice at this point the strongest winds are now beginning to affect the big cities of the nort
dropping his brother off at wt woodson high school. his body was found yesterday in a park. bryan's family issued a statement saying the controversy was "a great shock" and they need to let the investigation into bryan's death run its course. sources tell news 4 police do not believe his death is suspicious. >>> montgomery county police are trying to solve a shooting that left one man in critical condition. police say a homeowner got into an argument with a man and a woman in the 1100 block of good hope drive in silver spring last night. during the fight the homeowner shot the man who then drove himself to the hospital. the homeowner was also hurt in the fight. he is expected to be okay. >>> montgomery county police are also trying to solve the mystery of a clarksbergman who died while in police custody. yesterday afternoon office arrested 39-year-old nathan jones who was reportedly being violent and erratic. he resisted arrest but officers finally got him under control with pepper spray. a short time later, jones started to lose consciousness and was pronounced dead at a nearby. >> 6:06.
looking for 17- year-old bryan glenn. police have not yet identified the body but friends of the family tell us it is bryan. the teen disappeared one week ago. a medical examiner will officially identify the body in the coming days. >>> fear grows as the number of cases in the deadly meningitis outbreak continues to rise. the latest numbers from the cdc show eight people have died with a total number of cases at 105. health officials in maryland confirm two more cases there for a total of five cases. fox's jonathan siri has the latest. >> pain, to manage the pain. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention has a bold warning. 13,000 americans might be at some risk in a meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injects for back pain -- injections for back pain. >> the problem is if it is injected with fungus and it is injected into the spinal fluid, that can travel up to the brain. >> the steroid was made i i bia specialty pharmacy in massachusetts which has called the product. -- the steroid was made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts which was recalled the pr
. to my left is deputy city attorney robert bryan, he will provide the board with any needed legal advice. at the controls is victor pacheco, i am cynthia goldstein and we are also joined by representatives of the departments that have cases before the board this evening. scott sanchez is here, he's representing the planning department and the planning commission and joseph duffy is here, senior building inspector representing the department of building inspection. we expect to be joined also by representatives of the department of public health. at this time, mr. pacheco, if you could go over the berd's guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> the board requests you turn off all phones and pagers so they will not disrupt the proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board's rules are as follows. the appellants each have 7 minutes to present their cases. people affiliated with these parties must include their comments within the 7 or 3 minute periods. member s of the public who are not affiliated with the parties have up to 3 minutes each to address
and economic relationship between the united states and cuba as bryan banmiller explained this this report in 2000. >> reporter: cuba and the united states have shared a tense political and economic history for more than a century. after spain lost the island in the spanish american war in 1898. the u.s. became the dominant power and not a -- >> the farmers created a landless work force that would have to work for basically starvation wages in the u.s. owned plantations. >> reporter: peter ross has traveled to russia for a nonprofit think thank. he says decades long discontent led to insurgency by workers under the leadership of castro. socialist rebels decided it was time for u.s. domination to end. >> and the soviet union was there with tremendous offers of aids and over things. it was natural this thing would move forward closer corporations with the soviet union and the united states. >> mr. castro declared cuba a communist republic. president kennedy approved a u.s. sponsored force of cuban exiles to overthrow castro at the fateful bay of pigs. castro surveyed the scene of american sp
on this at 6:30 tonight. >> yesterday, a vigil was held for a missing teenager bryan glenn. he was supposed to play in his school's football game. there are pleased from his family for his safe return. they just want him back -- there were pleas. >> i saw one of his friends during the kickoff that he usually does. it was tough. >> there are a number of people around who are likely to have seen something. you may have been with him? >> defined his disappearance unusual. they do not believe he wasould run away. >> days ahead of the first and only vice presidential debate, the candidates are preparing and both sides are trying to downplay expectations. how about this time? >> the countdown to joe biden and paul ryan's's face-off in kentucky has begun. they're preparing to go head to head on the heels of last week's first presidential debate. >> i think they're important. i think paul will do a good job. i think joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating and understanding policy. >> after obama's poor showing in denver democrats are counting on biden the palau -- pull out the win.
someone knows what happened to bryan. >> i can only imagine what his family is going through. -- i want to help as much as i can. his friend has known him for five years. m as quiet buthi sweet. >> he has a good personality. he is really nice. >> efforts have intensified over last 24 hours. police combed to the park where abandoneds found morning.sday bloodhounds and a helicopter were brought in to assist. is a surveillance video up dunkin donuts. the video does not show as anyone else was in the car with him. the car, his computer, and cellphone, are all in police possession. cases, there is a clue as to why it happened. we are not seeing that. >> the only homecoming they want brian'yan's. fairfax county police -- police us their lengthy search t the park earlier today turned out nothing. not come across that would indicate that play at this point. i cannot rule it out. -- they cannot rule it out. >> a growing meningitis outbreak. health officials are warning patients who injections that they could be at risk. 35 people in six states maryland and contracted fumble meningitis
for a missing 17-year-old man. bryan glenn has been missing since monday. he dropped his brother off at school and went to a nearby dunkin donuts and disappeared. his absence stands out even more during homecoming. >> he should be getting excited getting ready to go out tonight and have fun with everybody else. instead, he is somewhere waiting for us to find him. >> until we see evidence he planned to run away, it does not make sense. >> the early evidence is the abandoned car they found a couple of water bottles inside, leading them to wonder if he was with someone else. >> the university committee is preparing to remember a history professor. he was walking his dog when he was hit by a car and killed. police say the driver of the car had a medical emergency the cost of the rack. there will be a visitation for him tomorrow. marymount university will have a ber 17. are trying to figure out what caused a fire. there is no official cause but neighbors say an electrical outlet sparked the blaze last night. they also credit paul for helping people to make it out of the burning building. he saw smo
. of fairfax family desperate for answers after a teenager has been missing three days. 17-year-old bryan glenn was last morning when he r offed his younger brothe at woodson high school. brother said he went to find but laterspot r showed up aeve school. foundndoned car was school. from the >> he is somewhere and needs to be found. looking for him. >> search and rescue teams are bloodhounds to try to find woodson high school senior. the clothes in the car point to something unusual. arotesters are planning administration march today. plaza ateaving freedom then they will march to veterans administration headquarters. they plan to stay there 24 hours. veterans who are upset with the va system will join them. >> the washington nationals, it cheaper to get to nationals park. not beravers will charge a dollar for each extra passenger. the commission says taxicabs and only able toll off and pick up passengers areas near the stadium. the nationals had a victory over the phillies and home. the national. 5-1, finishing with the best in the majors. the nationals will either face atlanta or st. louis in
kuebler, if you listen to our news room, you know why. everybody seems highed up. i can see bryan's face. everybody is wound up for this thing. >> who wouldn't be smiling. it's going to be a huge game, an awesome game. we're here on federal hill. >> one, two, three. >> how you doing, cal. where will you be watching the game? >> either here or across the street at mother's. what do you think? is this your first time going through something like this for playoffs? >> it is. nothing i can say. >> really confident we're doing to pull it out. come here. she's the manager of the bar. you started when the orioles started winning in july. this is the first. look at the crowd. >> we're doing well. >> all right. can you feel it? it's a good time to be in business. >> yes. >> reporter: where's that yankees fan. we'll see you here sunday night. how's everybody? >> o''s win. >> reporter: how old are you? you don't even know. thanks a lot. on a count of three -- one, to, three. >> o's! >> reporter: live tonight. back to you. >> that's a good thing. get that yankees guy. put him all the way in the back
county teenager who mysteriously disappeared on monday. bryan glenn is a will swoodson high school senior. police are using bloodhounds and a helicopter to search for him. >> this individual disappeared vanished, out of context. in many cases there's some kind of clue as to why that would happen, but we are not seeing that. >> police are poring over a dunkin' donuts surveillance video that shows him inside the store monday morning by himself. the video does not show if anyone else was in the car. that car and his computer and cellphone are in police possession. >> arlington parents stepping up the fight to get their kids bused to school. some campbell elementary school parents took a bus to thursday's school board meeting. dozens of students are now forced to walk because they live less than a mile from the school. some parents of lost their jobs because of the new policy. >> little kids walking through snow and rain with big backpacks. they come to school dressed with their shoes wet. that's not a condition for these kids to be learning. >> school officials are discussing the issue and
breaking details from bryan norcross. he indicates sandy is approaching the coast faster than forecasters predicted. for remote aalong the immediate coast, especially along the jersey shore there could be sudden water rises that happen surprisingly fast. also, this could happen anytime during the next three hours, and it's exacerbated by high tide. so at this point bryan norcross is reporting that sandy is approaching the coast faster than forecasts originally predicted. let me bring in the weather channel hurricane expert as well, dr. greg pistole. thank you for time. obviously, we're talking about what's up happening immediately. we're keeping an eye on new jersey as bill karins says that's where we expect the major impact. people want to know why this storm is so tremendous and why we see in west virginia the blizzard-like conditions and what we're watching right now play out. >> sandy is a combination of a whole lot of systems. we have a hurricane right here, but it's associated with a nor'easter-like component. right now the center of sandy as bryan has mentioned is moving fast towar
for the second time in his career. he was covering cowboys receiver dez bryan. john harbaugh sounded confident that he could come back next season. >> i think lardarius webb had become one of the premier cornerbacks in the web -- in the league. i see him every day. i would not take anybody over lardarius webb. he will be back. he has been through this before. he will rehab like crazy and be back next year, stronger than ever. >> better news for hello de nota.heloti linebacker terrell suggs comes of the physically unable to perform list this week. the time line for him to return to practice and the lineup will likely emerge after next week's bye instead of before. stick around for another look at the seven-day forecast, straight ahead. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more lugga
could've hoped. she's a fighter, horatio. that she is. yeah. how's your boy? bryan's doing great, thanks for asking. he's got a part-time job. seemed to do him good, so i thought i'd get one, too. i can see that. well, i'm only called "doctor" a couple of times a week. most of the times, justmommy." how are you doing? we're hanging in there, alexx. hanging in there. now, you know i can't cook, and but it's family night.chaos. so that means you'd fit right in. i have no doubt. good to see you.
already to 39 the new low for the day. 0.8 inches of rain so far today. 8.5 inches of rain in bryans road. gaithersburg 5.86 inches. we're continuing to watch this system pinwheel around located pittsburgh but the gigantic. bes is a dynamic enough to nearng up warm air from the bahamas. is reflecting temperatures england. 59 in caribou. 65, in the higher elevations, at 65 -- in burlington. i would not surprise to some areas north and west of town may some snow makes in italy. slowly see this improving and a few breaks of some tomorrow. good, but we're not there yet. i want to share something that is absolutely beautiful. look at this image from space. class that can give you a scale of the intensity. is headede moisture up towards southern greenlandic down in chicago in the southern tip is in the carolinas. blog ofut together a days. your tax dollars at work. this video shows the birth and of sandy with a completely different system across the strong jet .tream it hopefully this will be once lifetime. at the overnight temperatures. only into the 30's and 40's. we could see some lingering
for a missing high school senior. investigators believe bryan glenn may be an endangered runaway. he was last seen on the school grounds of woodson high school on monday morning but didn't go to class. yesterday police returned to the park looking for clues. glenn's car was found there this week. inside detectives found a dunkin' donuts receipt. >> we nobly yank is out there. and we want -- know bryan is out there. and we want him to know that he's going to be okay and we're going to get him home. >> fairfax police call the disappearance unusual but not suspicious. >>> the university of maryland college park is dealing with a bedbug infestation. >> the problem appears to be centered around south campus commons number 7. students first began noticings them during the second week of school. ken molestina has more. >> this is like after the treatment happened still continuing to get bitten. >> reporter: she lives in one of the dorm style apartments that has been overcome by bedbugs. >> our apartment. >> reporter: this video shows the conditions they've been forced to live in. her and her roommat
you. >> and bryan adams has sold more than 65 million records over the past three decades. and the rock star has another passion, photography. this morning he'll show us a new look filled with portraits,,,,,, ♪ >>> you're welcome bryan. >> summer of '69 one of bryan adams hit songs. he started making photos along with his music. in the new book called "exposed." he shares photos he's taken ranging from marlon anderson ic queen elizabeth. you said you got expelled for being disorderly, your grades were horrendous. i'm so impressed. >> delinquency on a massive level. >> you liked music and art. >> exactly. i always sort of focused my attention to going in that direction, and much to the chagrin of my family, became a musician so was interested in art as well. >> when you're doing your photography you said your main focus is to try to capture a memory. >> sure. that's only because people ask what photography is about. how do you analyze it. i would just say it's capturing a memory. because if i go through the books of family photographs i got for example that's what is it.
is the latest on all of this? a lot of people worried about this one, bryan. >> yeah. we're looking at potentially quite a situation here, with the hurricane coming up sunday night, east of cape hatteras and making a turn to the northwest and yeah, i think in the forecast you saw that the forecast is for it to make landfall in the mid-atlantic early next week. >> bryan, i'm familiar, like you are, i'm sure, with tropical storms. i've never seen a hurricane track quite like the one that's forecast with sandy. do you think that that will verify? are we getting more confident this will happen? >> well, it's -- the other aspects that are causing that, it's this -- we've currently got a cold front over the midwest. there's a large trough of low pressure that will be coming across the u.s., and those -- that large trough will merge with the hurricane and essentially it's that merging that is causing that turn to the northwest. so it's a pretty unique situation. most of the times hurricanes moving along the eastern seaboard will go straight north, and it is pretty rare to get a landfall in
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